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Your One-Stop Solution for Diverse and High-Quality Medical Narrations

Experience the breadth of our medical narration portfolio through these sample videos. Our unwavering commitment to quality and versatility resonates in every project we undertake, ensuring we meet the varied demands of our clients.

This ultrasound demo video provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanation of ultrasound medical equipment. We aim to make complex medical concepts accessible to all viewers, fostering a better understanding of this critical healthcare tool.

This video provides a clear explanation of how Tuberculosis (TB) spreads and causes disease. It walks viewers through the process of transmission, invasion and multiplication of these bacteria within the lungs. Ideal for educators, students, healthcare professionals, or the general public, this video aims to enhance awareness and understanding of Tuberculosis, its propagation, and the impact it can have on an individual’s health.

This compelling medical narration meticulously elucidates the complex causes behind high blood pressure, spanning from genetic factors and unhealthy lifestyle choices to underlying health conditions. Providing clear and accurate explanations, it sheds light on this widespread condition and prompt critical conversations about preventive measures.

The narration breaks down the complex process of how a CT scan works into an easily understandable format. As the voice guides you through the journey, it explains the integral role of this advanced imaging technique in modern healthcare. The voiceover navigates an intricate process in an engaging and accessible manner, enhancing comprehension for diverse audiences.

Our voiceover service dives into the pivotal topic of germs and the importance of hand washing. Through this engaging and informative narration, we simplify the complexity of microbiology, bringing to life the invisible world of germs that surround us. This narrative ultimately drives home the crucial role of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of diseases, making complex medical knowledge accessible and digestible, even to children.

Fast, Flexible, and Professional Voiceovers Mastering Medical Terminology

After working regularly with Sumara for around 8 months now, I felt it was high time to highly recommend her skills as a talented voice over artist. Sumara is my ‘go to’ artist for most of my technical pharmaceutical elearning modules. She easily wraps her tongue around complicated medical terminology and delivers a smooth, calming and professional voice over. I have continued utilising her skills, as I’m confident of the outcome. A fast turnaround means that projects are delivered on time, I couldn’t do without her.

~ Carol North, Yes eLearning.

Sumara’s professionalism, speed and service is exceptional. Creating a client animation in a short timescale is challenging and Sumara quickly recorded our script to a superb quality and was flexible enough to provide various samples and amends to ensure our client was delighted. Sumara is thoroughly recommended by the animation team at Inky Thinking. Thank you!

~ Tom Russell, Inky Thinking.

I got in touch with Sumara to record an e-learning course and we are very happy with the results. She is a very professional voice talent who meets your needs and deliver the final work very fast. I am sure we will work with Sumara again in the future!

~ Alex del Solar, WelcomeNext.

The voice recording was exactly what I wanted – first time. Difficult medical terms were handled perfectly. A great person to work with, amazingly fast turnaround and great service. My first choice for future work.

~ Carl Gibson, Department of Health.

Effortless Voice-Over: Our Process Simplified

1 Initial Consultation: We discuss your needs, deadlines, and the purpose of your project to give an accurate quote and ETA.

2 Pricing: Based on industry standards, considering the amount of work and where the recording will be used. Options to pay for a limited license or a full buyout for indefinite use.

3 Preparation: Upon agreeing with the quote and terms, provide the final script. For non-live directed sessions, provide guidance on desired tone and style. Optional NDA signing if required.

4 Recording: I record and edit in my studio, delivering a clean, broadcast-quality track in a user-friendly format that fits your project’s needs.

5 Post-Production: If there are any issues, I ensure they get fixed. Free corrections if it was my mistake; small fee for re-recording due to client-based changes.

Who Is This For?

  • Medical educators or instructional designers: a senior instructional designer at a healthcare corporation, individuals or organizations involved in creating medical instructional materials such as online courses, video tutorials, virtual simulations, and user manuals, would be ideal clients.
  • Healthcare corporations and organizations: organizations that focus on healthcare and require high-quality voiceovers for their training materials, patient education programs, or other medical content would be an excellent match for our services.
  • Individuals or organizations valuing precision and quality: If an entity prioritizes clear, precise, and engaging communication, particularly in the realm of complex medical information, they would be well-suited to our services.
  • Clients facing changing needs: Our services are highly flexible and can accommodate last-minute script changes quickly and efficiently. As such, entities that often face regulatory updates or product modifications that lead to changes in their content would find our services beneficial.
  • Professionals involved in healthcare digital content creation: individuals or organizations working towards improving healthcare education through engaging digital content, would be ideal clients. This could include e-learning developers, medical technology companies, and digital health startups.
  • Clients comfortable with digital communication and modern technology: our services would best serve clients who are familiar with and prefer digital communication methods such as email, video calls, and online platforms.

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